San Diego Wrongful Death

San Diego wrongful deathThe loss of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. When that loss did not have to happen, it is a tragedy. A tragedy that immediately and permanently affects the lives of the decedent’s spouse, children and other family members. Our law protects families from the hardships caused by the death of a person because of the negligence or misdeeds of another person or entity. This is called a wrongful death claim.

Generally, the immediate family members (spouses, children and parents) of a wrongful death decedent can recover damages for the loss of their family member. Recoverable damages may include reimbursement for:

  • medical expenses incurred as a result of the negligence;
  • any loss of future income of the decedent;
  • property damage, if any;
  • the value of any future services normally provided to you by the person who has died;
  • loss of the care, comfort, and companionship of the deceased;
  • punitive damages if there was intentional misconduct.

We have been helping people who have experienced the wrongful death of a family member for years. If you are experiencing the turmoil, loss and emotional impact from the wrongful death of a loved one, you need help to protect your rights. That is what we do for you. With our more than 25 years of legal experience behind us, our team will fight for you.

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