San Diego Financial Elder Abuse

San Diego Financial Elder AbuseSadly, many of our elders are not receiving the respect and treatment they have earned. Often victimized by those they trust, abused elders suffer in silence, shame and despair. This does not have to happen. California law recognizes several types of financial elder abuse which include: physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation and abduction. We handle all types. If you, or a loved one, have been harmed in any type of accident, contact our law firm now to set up a free consultation.

The signs of physical financial elder abuse are easy to see, but the signs of non-physical abuse are very subtle. Changes in the physical appearance, grooming or general behavior of the elder; changes in banking activity; or changes in estate planning, or transfers of assets, deeds or trusts can be signs that something is amiss. Be curious, be protective, be proactive to protect your beloved elders. If you believe you, or an elder close to you is experiencing some form of San Diego financial elder abuse,
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Types of Financial Elder Abuse

  • Conversion of Bank Accounts
  • Theft of Money or Property
  • Misappropriation of Money or Property
  • Eviction from or Change in Ownership of Family Home
  • Nursing Home Injuries and Death
  • Abuse by Caregivers
  • Abuse by Children
  • Abandonment or Isolation of Elders
  • Abduction of Elders